My Self-Identity Quiz

My Devotional for Jan 17, 2016

Do you remember the woman who had the issue of blood for 12 years? She crawled through a hard pressing crowd until reaching her wholeness when touching the hem of Jesus’ garment…

When you think of these scene, who do you identify with?

A. ____ Someone among the crowd in need of closeness to Jesus?

B. ____ One of the disciples ensuring Jesus physical safety, the sake of his name and character, or reputation of his doctrine?

C. ____ Maybe with one of his closest friends/disciples?

D. ____ Perhaps with the needy person crawling, praying and hoping to get the Master’s attention and be granted a wish or a prayer?

E.____  None of the above?

…Wonder how much more I need to grow in my sense of self-identity until I can fully see myself as the one wearing the garment…!?

“Put on your new self and be renewed as you learn to know your creator and become like him” (Colossians,‬ ‭3:10‬). ‬‬


About freeoneindeed

I write to make Jesus known to others as I have come to know and experience Him. In particular I want to share what I’ve discovered about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My writings are a reflection of my journey as I search and experience Christ's real life and wholeness. I am penning this journey, first as a memorial to myself and my offspring after me. With this I also hope that those who find themselves where I am or where I’ve been may have my experiences and testimonies as reference in their own walk so the can also experience hope and encouragement in their own journeys ahead.
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