About José & Beatrizscan0003

My wife and I were part of organized religion most of our lives.  We learnt to go to church every Sunday, but knew very little about who Jesus really is and what he did for us.  For decades we were part of church leadership and participated in many of the church activities.  But religion failed to tell us that Jesus had given us power over sin, and had made us free from religious bondage.

Why do I write?

I write because I want everyone to know the Real Jesus and the Real Gospel as I have come to experience Him.  I write because the counterfeit version of the Gospel left me with a deep sense of condemnation, guilt, shame and worthlessness, while the Real Jesus showed me that we are worth the ransom paid for us: the life of God Himself in the person of His Only Begotten Son: not a penny less.

I write because my heart goes out to those who are still living in the bondage of religion.  Because of those who have given up on the Gospel because the counterfeit Gospel it is too expensive, too difficult (in fact impossible) to live by.  My hearth goes out to those who have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ, but only the counterfeit version.  My heart goes out to those whom God have predestined to be the explendor of His image, yet may never be reached if I don’t follow my heart.

My Testimony

My writings reflect my own journey into finding the wholeness and life that only Jesus can provide.  It starts on a warm morning of the Summer of 2011. Then I was part of organized religion as I was most of my life. For decades I was part of church leadership and participated in many of the church life activities.  I served in the US Armed Forces in the Chaplaincy branch, and was a church elder in a large church for many years.  I even served as Volunteer Pastor of a small Spanish church in South Texas.  But it wasn’t until 2011 that I had a real experience with God.

You see, I was no longer satisfied with the status quo, and a sermon on Sundays would not quench my growing desire to know Jesus personally and intimately.  What I had been taught in Bible School and Sunday school did not cut it for me and my life was a mess waiting to happen.  The organized religion’s “Gospel” I was being taught, did not measure up with the Gospel of the Bible. So I started asking questions and seeking God in the privacy of my home.

What Happened Next

As a result of this experience with Jesus, an intense desire to spread His Good News and deep compassion for all people was birthed into my heart. Although Jesus’ message compelled me to share the Good News about Jesus’ life within, a deep desire to leave organized religion also resulted.  Jesus’ message still fresh in my heart and mind, and I can’t shake it off: I must spread the Word. 

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