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I write to make Jesus known to others as I have come to know and experience Him. In particular I want to share what I’ve discovered about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My writings are a reflection of my journey as I search and experience Christ's real life and wholeness. I am penning this journey, first as a memorial to myself and my offspring after me. With this I also hope that those who find themselves where I am or where I’ve been may have my experiences and testimonies as reference in their own walk so the can also experience hope and encouragement in their own journeys ahead.

Is There Faith Outside Religion? 

Growing up in religion, I was told that leaving the “flock” was certain death, often compared to a sheep leaving the sheepfold and putting itself as easy prey of the heathen “wolfs.” Leaving religion was a dreadful thought. Life outside … Continue reading

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Dead End Religion

Finally, I’ve come to a little understanding of how my former religious faith was killing me… How? I raised the words/writings of 40 men and women and gave them godly status. I then raised a leader and trained him/her to … Continue reading

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My Self-Identity Quiz

My Devotional for Jan 17, 2016 Do you remember the woman who had the issue of blood for 12 years? She crawled through a hard pressing crowd until reaching her wholeness when touching the hem of Jesus’ garment… When you … Continue reading

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Spirit Beckoned!

“God’s Spirit beckons…” (Rom 8:14a, MSG). After living in Puerto Rico for the last year and a half, I had a desire to return to the U.S. mainland.  But curiously, this desire was not spawned by the economic turmoil that … Continue reading

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Random New Year Thoughts

Humanity’s original blueprint looks like fully alive beings naturally displaying the image and likeness of our creator. Humanity’s original life intentionality’s purpose and focus, laid on the pursuit of utilizing earth’s resources (been made at our disposal) for our total life … Continue reading

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My Resolution For 2016 

2015 was a great year! A year when freedom from religious bondage came to fruition. 2016 is my year of restoration. This year I claim a seven fold return from everything religion stole from me through lies, deceit and control. … Continue reading

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It’s All Good; So Very Good!

“And God looked over everything he had made; It was so good, so very good!” Genesis 1:31 MSG When I first started blogging in May of this year, I had no idea where I would land at the end of … Continue reading

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